Online campaign for Fiji tourism

Online campaigns

We helped the little island of Fiji to temporarily dominate the BBC’s wildlife website in a takeover campaign. The background, billboard banner and mid page animated box created brand awareness […]

Vector character illustrations for travel and tourism projects

Vector characters

We created these simple illustrations for an important global travel and tourism presentation relating to the island of Fiji. The characters were used to depict the demographic of visitors from […]

Infographics and bespoke illustrations

Data doesn’t have to be boring! We can liven up your presentation with fun charts and engaging graphs. These colourful graphics started life as a regular Excel spreadsheet, even in […]

Travel and tourism logo design

Hjalmar Bjørge

Northern Light Cruising Co. use a converted Norwegian rescue ship to take holidaymakers around remote Scottish islands. Customers onboard Hjalmar Bjørge are treated to delicious freshly caught seafood prepared by […]