Monogram design

Precision Automation heads up a family of manufacturing brands in the packaging industry. Gravfil first began liquid filling in 1929, it has since become a world-class name in filling machines designed to automate everything from hand sanitiser to industrial chemicals. Dico (Design and Installations Company) started in late 1940s and subsequently diversified from the aircraft and atomic energy industry into specialist capping and closing machinery.

Monogram design for Precision Automation

Designed with competition in mind

Managing Director Stuart Melen is a keen collector of racing motorcycles. He has fond memories of the Marlboro Yamaha livery from his former years as a successful two-stroke rider in the early 1980s.

We presented a range of options in our initial presentation, some of which included subtle references to themes of competition and excellence. The monogram stood out immediately to the Precision Automation team and it was developed into the final logo.

The dynamic stripes provide a competitive feel whilst the interlocking letters reference the company’s problem-solving approach to their projects.

Sub-brands to complete the suite

Under the Precision Automation banner sits three sub-brands which present their core products and services. Dico and Gravfil are established names in their fields but the link to the parent company is little known. Precision Engineering has history as a bespoke design and manufacturing service enabling the business to engineer customised solutions for any project.

We created three new logos designed to tie-in with the new Precision Automation identity. Colour and typography link the family together as a suite. The icons for Gravfil and Dico visually refer to their filling and capping functions. Precision Engineering has a stylised version of its former logo using the interlocking theme.

Delivering the brand

The brand creative is now complete and the team are using it for their documentation, quotations and stationery. We created an HTML email signature using the Precision Automation logo plus the three sub-brands and are working on their racing livery and website.

On final delivery of a branding project we supply a guideline document. The client receives all the file formats required to ensure it always looks professional in print and online. We select a colour palette and specify the breakdown as a Pantone spot colour, a CMYK full colour split and the equivalent RGB and Hexadecimal colours for screens.

With a history in hand sanitisers, soaps and other cleaning products the post-Coronavirus future is looking healthy for Precision Automation and we are excited to be working with them.

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