Technical illustration

Respro® is an innovative British brand that designs and manufactures a range of world-leading face masks. Their products focus on controlling the damaging effects of pollution and allergens. They are particularly popular with cycle couriers, commuters and workers exposed to environments that carry airborne particles such as the Australian firefighters.

Understanding the brief

The client required several sets of clear, diagrammatical drawings designed to demonstrate exactly how to measure for the mask. Respro® takes a lot of pride in its products and service and the owner personally responds to customers fitting enquiries.

The current Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic confirms the need to protect our lungs. The fit of the mask is imperative to ensure an effective seal between the face and the mask.

After receiving sample products we made sure we understood how to take the filter and valves apart then refit again – a well-designed, tool-free task. The client particularly liked our Triumph product diagrams, we established a similar line-style whilst developing the first diagram.

Respro diagrammatical drawings by Spyre

Adding texture and tone

As the project evolved we introduced some simple tone to give the faces some depth. We used both men and women and included a mixture of features from around the World as Respro® has an international customer base.

The first fitting diagram set showed how to fit the mask to your face and secure around the neck to enable an effective seal. This set was adapted to then include the optional head strap.

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