Folded brochures and leaflets

Often we describe a printed leaflet as 6pp, 4pp, 8pp… ‘pp’ means Printers Pages. Each side of the booklet is considered a ‘page’. There are a host of different folding options, each with it’s own name. When briefing in your next leaflet or brochure please refer to the diagrams below if you have a preferred format or size.

Printers folds for brochures and leaflets

Size matters

Most printed communications are created to the standard A-sizes shown in the diagrams above. However, we often create bespoke size printed materials including 210mm x 210mm square brochures or unique sized menus for restaurants and wine bars.

A-sizes will usually be the most cost-effective and create the least waste. Printers purchase their paper in SRA sizes which allow for bleed, crop marks and other important information situated outside of the finished printed page.