Precision Automation

Precision Automation has a long family history in design and manufacturing. Their portfolio of brands feature Dico and Gravfil – both are market-leaders in capping and filling machines for packaging, chemical and liquid products industries.

Custom logo design for Precision Automation

Custom logo design

When we began the project, the business was called Precision Engineering with an identity that was designed in-house in the 1990s. We felt the name reflected milling and turning services rather than the design and manufacture of the machines themselves. After much discussion, the business name received a minor update to Precision Automation to better communicate their services and products.

The P and A initials were brought together in a monogram design with a nod towards the Managing Director’s passion for 1980s motorsport.

Identity design for a suite of brands

Precision Automation heads up a family of established brands. Gravfil and Dico have over 150 years of history between them. Under the banner of Precision Automation, their well-deserved reputation is assured.

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