Packaging design

This ambitious start-up business was looking for a premium brand identity and packaging design for its range of CBD oils. We developed a unique logotype which included custom adaptation of a stylish typeface. The droplet shape is used as the dot for the i, but it’s also hidden inside the negative space of the letter a.

Logotype and brand design for a British startup business

Premium packaging design

The tiny bottles needed a bespoke box to hold them securely but remain capable of displaying the necessary legal information. This small print includes precautions, dosage instructions and manufacturer’s details. We created a custom cutter and specified a tactile, rich blue uncoated stock. As the initial print run would be relatively small we made use of up-to-the-minute digital finishes with a printed white and digital gloss varnish.

The product labels are specific to each item across the two ranges and use a strong typographic design. The colour differentiates between the Full Spectrum and the Premium Isolate ranges. No5 and No10 clearly communicate the strength, either 500mg or 1000mg is available under each range.

Product label design created with 3D visuals

Visualising the packaging

We created 3D graphics to visualise the brand design as it was taking shape. These images enabled Seropian to get up and running online and to start building their pre-launch social media brand awareness campaign.

To complete the branding and logo design project we created a full suite of stationery, specified the colour palette and presented typography guidelines.

To further cement Seropian’s sports and wellness focus they have expanded the range to include a CBD Muscle Rub (muscle balm) using the Full Spectrum theme.

Developing a campaign concept

Whilst exploring the creative options we put forward the idea of Alpha/Omega – start to finish in the classic Greek alphabet. This concept fitted well with Seropian’s vision of a day through–to-night CBD regime. This concept was rolled out through animated social media posts and custom image sliders for their Shopify built website.

Spyre created supporting literature for Seropian to send out with their fulfilled orders. Following a recent trip to Spain, we realised that there could be confusion about traveling with CBD products. We designed a CBD passport which allows the customer to record their products, dose and medical purpose. The six-page booklet confirms the THC content for each range, satisfying the legal requirements established in most of the world’s destinations. The leaflet combined with the box provides a professional suite of information for Seropian customers to carry with confidence on their journeys.

Leaflet design and artwork with custom illustration

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