Printed brochures, leaflets and flyers

Often we describe a printed brochure or leaflet as 6pp, 4pp, 8pp… ‘pp’ means Printers Pages. Each side of the booklet is considered a ‘page’. There are a host of different folding options and each one has it’s own name. When briefing in your next printed brochure, booklet, pamphlet, flyer or leaflet please refer to the diagrams below if you have a preferred format or size.

Printers folds for brochures and leaflets

Sizes of printed materials

Most printed communications are created to the standard A-sizes shown in the diagrams above. However, we often create bespoke printed materials including 210mm x 210mm square brochures or unique sized menus for restaurants and wine bars.

A-sizes will usually be the most cost-effective and create the least waste. Printers purchase their paper in SRA sizes which allow for bleed, crop marks and other important information situated outside of the finished printed page.

What is a pamphlet?

A pamphlet is usually a lightweight folded leaflet that communicates a single message. Typically this could be about a specific service or product. The printing of a pamphlet or leaflet can be zero rated for VAT if it is on lightweight paper and is designed to be disposible.

What is a brochure?

A printed brochure usually introduces a company and describes it’s services or products. A printed brochure is an ideal leave-behind for new clients and prospects. We find people are more inclined to keep hold of it for reference whereas a web link is easily lost. Most brochures are A4 in size and will be multiple pages divisible by four. However we can be more creative! We can design a brochure to an unusual size or even an irregular die-cut shape.

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