Staffordshire Hot Tubs & Swimspas

Staffordshire Hot Tubs & Swimspas is a new businesses owned by a pair of entrepreneurial brothers. In a previous project we created a successful logo, brand identity, packaging and marketing materials for Seropian CBD products, owned by one of the team. The brief was to keep the Seropian connection but develop a new logo for this next venture.

Logo design for Staffordshire business

The new business took the decision to lead with the location of Staffordshire to really focus their marketing efforts. They operate country-wide but through research realised that customers tended to search locally for that added reassurance and personal service.

We presented a series of creative logo design options which included direct references to the Seropian brand through to a more separated style. The long word ‘Staffordshire’ was a challenge plus there were three business streams to be represented through one cohesive and recognisable identity.

Local inspiration

The symbol of Staffordshire is an ancient rope and knot which is shaped a little like a pretzel! We loved the idea of taking this visual reference and developing it into a new and unique logo. Working through several iterations we arrived at a fluid, swirling graphic made from the rope. The icon reveals a star in the negative space to reflect their high quality customer service.

As the name is long and contains several words we focussed on keeping the typography as clear as possible with an eye on how it might perform at small sizes and online. The complete suite of assets delivered three colour coded social media profile graphics and tiny favicon. The identity pack supplied stacked and horizontal versions of the three logos in RGB, CMYK and spot colour formats. The fresh colour palette easily works on dark or light backgrounds making the entire brand highly versatile.

Branded van using the new logo designed by Spyre Ltd

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