Typography is the art of lettering and type. A fine understanding of typography is the cornerstone of graphic design. There are literally hundreds of thousands of typefaces available in varying degrees of quality. We purchase typefaces regularly and take much care to create charismatic lock-ups, unique headlines and emotive visual messages.

Custom campaigns

Campaignable ideas can often require something different to your usual brand style. For example, a festive message or a one-off vintage themed offer. We will always create a style to compliment the brand and work seamlessly with existing typography and colour palette.

Vintage logo design for the Vincent Owners Club

Vintage style celebrations

We created a unique hand made solution for our local section of the Vincent Owners Club to celebrate their 60th anniversary. We designed a celebratory logo and made it into a gold stamp. We then personally made up sizzle filled boxes to house delicious homemade truffles. Each guest received a personalised menu featuring a selection of vintage images sourced from club members.