Custom awards

It is our second year of designing custom awards for GP Originals, a UK based motorsport series focussed on post classic two-stroke racing motorcycles.

To celebrate the end of the 2022 race season we created these unique awards. Each trophy features a 25mm clear, polished acrylic to the front with a metallic finish 3mm silver duo acrylic to the rear. Both pieces are assembled using stainless fixings. Perfectly aligned, cut to a soft organic shape and free standing. A completely one-off design ready to be proudly displayed by the winners.

Designing a unique custom award

There were nine custom awards in total. First, second and third in each of the three classes – 250cc, 350cc and Masters. The winners awards measured 200mm in width with the others incrementally smaller by 10%. We carefully designed the trophies to be free standing and experimented with different shapes and thicknesses to be sure they would be secure.

The polished acrylic front panels were laser etched each with the individual name of the recipient. The three classes were supported by a different sponsor requiring their logos to also be included into the design. The reverse of each award showcased the Series’ own logo, deep engraved into a metallic silver panel. The reverse of this panel is black which provides the perfect setting, bringing out the matt highlighted etching on the front face. The contrast between the two panels creates a three dimensional effect with the rich black reflecting the type back into the clear section.

Packaged and ready to be presented

We sourced square paper-over-board black gift boxes and used foamex to secure the three sizes of custom award inside then branded each box with a GP Originals sticker. Each award was hand assembled, checked for fingerprints and carefully packed with time to spare for the prize giving event – clearly an immovable deadline!

The design and artwork was created in-house at Spyre. We commissioned our local specialist partner, InPlas Fabrications to manufacture the finished awards. Working together, we approved a sample and worked through various size and shape ideas to arrive at the optimum final product.

Custom awards for motorsport and corporate events

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